Martyn Hunt

Brewer, Cleaner and Operations Co-ordinator


Simon Hunt

Director, Deliveries and Stratergy


Jake Hunt

Sales and Deliveries, Assistant in the Brewery

Official Ticker

Cath Hunt

Sales, beer tasting, design and Official Ticker

Xtreme Brewery Limited

The Xtreme Ales Brewery was purchased on May 4th 2020 by two of the Peterborough based Hunt brothers Martyn and Simon. It continues to be a family run brewery producing many of the great award winning ales as well as a strong portfolio of new recipes the Hunt brothers have brought to the business. 

Our History

Commercial production at Xtreme Ales, originally commenced in July 2013, in a double garage in Turves, Whittlesey near Peterborough. Operated by a father and son team, the founders, Mike and Neil Holmes. Xtreme beers started appearing at local pubs and beer festivals and developed a strong following in the local area. Due to its increased popularity the small "Nano Brewing Kit" was upgraded to a 2.5 BB plant which is still used today.

Eventually the operation outgrew the double garage and the brewing plant was relocated to its new home in Alfric Square, Peterborough, where it still resides.  Mike Holmes continued brewing great beers old and new up until early 2020 when finally he decided to take off his wellingtons for the last time and retire. Martyn and Simon "The Xtreme Team" have taken up the challenge to continue the family run business, expand on the great production so far and develop the Xtreme brand to match the passion we have for great real ale..  

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